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 The Official Pride Rules

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PostSubject: The Official Pride Rules   The Official Pride Rules EmptySat Jun 26, 2010 11:31 pm


Like every other website on the internet, we do have rules here in ASP. To ensure a safe and fun atmosphere, a few rules need to be followed.
Mate related guidelines are found here:
Roleplay guidelines are found here:


    1. You are responsible for what happens on your account; we frown upon account sharing or giving away accounts
    2. You must follow Forumotion's Terms of Service (
    3. Excess swearing, use of stronger swear words not approved on our list ( or directing swears at another user in or out of the roleplay is strictly prohibited
    4. Respect is key; any sort of disrespect towards other members of ASP is prohibited (this includes staff)
    5. Negativity is frowned upon as we are a fun-loving site; please be able to take a joke and try not to be too serious
    6. Members may not discuss other roleplay forums in the chatbox or anywhere on site (including via PM)
    7. Do not share any personal information while on this site; this includes but is not limited to pictures of yourself/others, phone numbers, and addresses
    8. All artwork, literature, and ideas or objects owned by users posted on ASP for a contest or has been given to ASP is considered property of ASP and can be used by ASP for any intended purpose
    9. Staff are held to the same rules of conduct as all members; if you feel a staff member is behaving inappropriately please contact Kali with proof
    10. Activity is not required however it is appreciated if you participate throughout the forums; it is also the only way you will be able to receive a rank/PMotM title, etc. that are activity-required


    1. All posts in general must have at least three words in them; roleplay posts must have at least two sentences
    2. SPAM and/or excessive multiple posting is not allowed
    3. Do not advertise other websites anywhere on this forum
    4. Rude and/or disrespectful comments are not appreciated and will be removed. If you have any ideas please post it in the Trials and Errors thread; PMed ideas are generally ignored. Roleplay rules can be found on a different topic listed at the beginning of this topic.


    1. Do not advertise any other website/product on the chatbox
    2. Fights and/or disagreements should be taken to PM
    3. Using the chatbox to look for sympathy or bring attention to yourself in any way is not allowed; you are welcome to share stories but do not try to be the center of attention all the time and/or use the chatbox for your own benefit
    4. Do not act like a staff member if something's going on, just report it with proof to a staff member
    5. No controversial/inappropriate topics are to be discussed (religions, suicide, sexual topics, or any mature themes)
    6. Spamming the chatbox with smileys or anything else is not appreciated
    7. Be respectful to everyone on the chatbox, including staff


    1. Signatures and avatars can only advertise our pride
    2. Signatures and avatars must be appropriate (no excessive gore, etc.)
    3. Signatures should only have one picture in them, use the rest in your biography
    4. Avatars must be 200x250 pixels or smaller
    5. If an avatar is made by someone other than you, make sure to give them credit either in your signature or on the art itself
    6. The avatar must be of your felid character, if not it will be removed


    1. Warnings: Warnings are generally given out if you are caught doing something that breaks the rules, but not severely. You will still be able to have full access to the forums, however please take a warning as a warning and try to avoid the behaviour you were warned about.
    2. Bans: Bans are usually given out if the user has broken multiple rules, or severely broke a rule. Chatbox bans are given when a user has broken multiple chatbox rules, while bans from the site (temporary or permanently) are given for any forum-related offenses.How are bans/warnings determined?Here in ASP we go by a three strike system. Depending on how severe the issue is, your first strike will be a PM reminder/verbal warning. If the behaviour continues, you will receive an official warning [official warnings are written down in our files]. If it continues after that, you may receive a chat or forum ban which is always discussed and approved by at least 2 staff members. This may not always be the case depending once more on the severity of the issue at hand, and all issues are looked at case-by-case.

Types of warn/ban-worthy offenses, but are not limited to:

If there is ever an issue, please contact the users with blue names/those found in the staff tab and we will have it resolved. Please note these rules can and will change at Kali's discretion, so as an ASP member you are immediately bound to them once changed. Punishments will be given out if the rules are not followed. All warnings and bans will be at the discretion of the staff.
Thank you for your cooperation in keeping the pride nice and welcoming. =D

Layout/coding (©) Kali/Tao Jun. All rights reserved.

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The Official Pride Rules

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