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 Mate and Cub Guidelines

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PostSubject: Mate and Cub Guidelines   Mate and Cub Guidelines EmptySat Apr 30, 2011 4:09 pm

If you wish to have a mate or cubs in the roleplay, please review the rules below before continuing!

1. You cannot be a Maja or Kutanga; Majas are the cubs of the pride and therefore should focus on other things. Kutangas (the newcomers) should be focused on getting to know the pride better, however they are allowed to have crushes.
2. One mate at a time; do not have multiple mates.
3. To confirm that you are now mates, you must go to "The Eternal Bond" roleplay area and put your paws into the mud, symbolizing you are now a pair
4. You must wait at least 2 weeks from officially becoming mates to have cubs
5. If your mate has been kicked out of the pride for inactivity, banned, etc., then you may choose another whenever you'd like.

*If these rules are not followed, you will not be allowed to become mates or have mates for at least 2 months or longer*

1. You must wait at least 2 weeks after you officially became mates
2. You may only have up to three cubs
3. All cubs must be dispersed by their first year (unless another person's character is the cub)
4. Some cubs should die; it's not natural for the entire litter to live
5. No gory/gross birthing and/or "love"; stay appropriate
6. Stay realistic (obviously you don't just "become pregnant" and then have cubs the next day); should be pregnant for about a week real time
7. Someone may RP your cub(s), but they will have to either change characters or join the pack
8. Your character and his/her partner MUST be on level 6+ in order to successfully have cubs.

Adopted Cubs
1. You cannot adopt a cub if you do not have a mate or have not done the mate ceremony
2. The cub MUST be roleplayed by another member
3. The members (you, your mate and the adoptee) must all agree to it

Cubs and mates are a privilege not a right. If you are using either incorrectly, your privilege will be removed.

About character changing:
If your mate wants a character change, here are a few rules:
1. The person wanting the character change must talk to their mate, or break up in the RP
2. If you post asking for a character change but have a mate, you will be declined
3. You cannot change characters if you have a cub (cubs should disperse at one year old)
4. Follow the Character Changes guide

If users fail to follow the rules, one or both of these may happen:
- Female and male partner CANNOT be mates EVER again, regardless of character
- Female and male partner CANNOT have a mate for 2 months after the change

These are the official rules. PLEASE follow them properly, as punishments will go out to those who don't.

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Mate and Cub Guidelines

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