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June 2019
The African Stars Pride
The African Stars Pride - Registration Agreement Terms
Welcome to the African Stars Pride roleplay forum! By accessing the African Stars Pride, you therefore agree to follow our Terms of Service. If found violating these terms, you may be removed from this site. To keep ASP with a friendly and fun atmosphere, the following must be followed:
1. You are responsible for what happens on your account; we frown upon account sharing or giving away accounts
2. You must follow Forumotion's terms of service
3. Excess swearing, use of stronger swear words not approved on our list or directing swears at another user in or out of the roleplay is strictly prohibited
4. Respect is key; any sort of disrespect towards other members of ASP is prohibited (including staff)
5. Negativity is frowned upon as we are a fun-loving site; please be able to take a joke and try not to be too serious all the time
6. Members may not discuss other roleplay forums in the chatbox or anywhere on site (including via PM)
7. Do not share any personal information while on this site; this includes but is not limited to pictures of yourself/others, phone numbers, and addresses
8. You will NOT copy, reuse, edit, etc. anyone's character, art, literature, or other object that is owned by another user from this forum
9. All artwork, literature, and ideas or objects owned by users posted on ASP for a contest or has been given to ASP is considered property of ASP and can be used by ASP for any intended purpose
10. Proxies are not welcome; if caught you will be removed
11. Staff are held to the same rules of conduct as all members; if you feel a staff member is behaving inappropriately please contact Kali with proof
12. Double accounts are not allowed; only one account per user, talk with a staff member if you have a sibling or someone who shares your network joining to avoid penalty

PLEASE NOTE: This is a rolepay forum so you will have to post an application in the Visitor Center:
We hope you enjoy yourself here, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact a Kiazolo (administrator) or Zaka (moderator)!