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Happy 8th birthday ASP!!! Thank you to everyone who still visits <3 ASP FOREVER!
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 New Activity Rules

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PostSubject: New Activity Rules   Tue Sep 22, 2015 1:01 pm

Hey guys,
Since myself and the staff are generally far too busy to continue removing people from the pride for inactivity and such, we have decided that activity is no longer a rule (although it is appreciated!).

From now on, no one will be removed for inactivity from the pride and instead accounts will always be here unless the user wishes for us to delete it (or if they officially leave the pride, it will be deactivated).
We will not be hosting contests, activities, etc. unless activity is fairly stable and decent amounts of people are on (as it takes a lot of time and effort from the staff to put on, and if no one is online to participate it defeats the purpose).
The ONLY way you will be able to rank up, become PMotM, etc. now is to be active. If a staff member sees you are active and clearly trying, you will get promoted. Otherwise, activity has no effect and will be taken out of the rules shortly.

We hope everyone will still attempt to log in when possible, and participate throughout the forums! Those who are active will still be rewarded more than those who aren't, however there's no reason to worry about being removed for inactivity anymore.
We will be removing the OoA thread as there's no need for it now that activity is ruled out. Thanks guys! Smile
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New Activity Rules

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