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 Leaving or Joining ASP?

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PostSubject: Leaving or Joining ASP?   Leaving or Joining ASP? EmptySat May 12, 2012 12:06 pm

Hello there,
If you've decided its time to part with ASP, please do not PM the Elites saying so. Instead, post a topic in the "Welcomes, Farewells and Birthdays" forum. You may include whatever you'd like in your message (although I ask you follow ASP rules and don't single people out). Once an administrator sees your topic, they will deactivate your account. Elites will not listen to you if you tell them you're leaving on the chatbox or via PM; you must post a topic. If it's a reason you wish not to share, then you can PM an Elite AFTER you post your topic. The topic can just say you're leaving the pride, while the PM can explain more in detail.

If you've joined, feel free to post a mini intro topic in the "Welcomes, Farewells and Birthdays" forum. You can include what you hope to do around ASP, why you joined, and all that fun stuff. Welcome!
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Leaving or Joining ASP?

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