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Our 2018 reunion will take place on June 26th. I will update with a time closer to the summer!
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 Changing Characters

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PostSubject: Changing Characters   Sun Jul 31, 2011 3:33 pm

If you would like to change characters, here's some steps on how to change correctly.

1. Ensure you don't have a mate, adopted cub, or cubs. If you do you cannot change. If you have changed within two months, you may not change. You must demate your current mate, and make sure your cubs have dispersed or grown to the age of 2 years (if a real user) before you can change.

2. Make sure you have enough stars. Character changes cost 60 stars. If you have enough stars, go to Step 3.

3. Post in the Star Shop. Post what you would like to buy in the star shop, and wait for an Elite to accept it. Once accepted, go to step 4.

4. Repost your form on the Joining Form topic. It is vital to repost your form so the Elites don't forget. YOU MUST INCLUDE A LINK TO YOUR PREVIOUS CHARACTER CHANGE!!

5. Get rid of your character. Please either kill your old character or get them to leave the pack AFTER the steps above.

6. Enjoy RPing your new character and do not ask for a change for another 2 months. This is so the Elites aren't being bothered 24/7 for character changes.

Please remember you CANNOT change unless you follow these steps. Thanks for your cooperation!
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Changing Characters

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