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 Members and their Species

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Members and their Species  Empty
PostSubject: Members and their Species    Members and their Species  EmptyFri Jul 17, 2015 12:19 am

Here we have the members, and their species:

Adaeze: Lioness

Akira: African Lioness

Blythe: Cougar

Cain: Spotted Hyena

Cathmor: Lioness

Cevian: Ocema (Puma/Ocelot)

Dakaashi :South African Cheetah

Dae: Fossa

Etwa: Snow Leopard

Fal: Sand Cat

Gemini: Black-footed Cat

Isis :leopard

Kafei: Serval

Kali :African Lioness

Kaspar: Cougar

Khalil :African Lion

Keerava: Puma

Kotaro :Eurasian Lynx

Liam: African Maned Lion

Lune: White Lion

Mae: Margay

Mark: Striped Hyena

Nadya: Snow Leopard

Neru: Clouded Leopard

Nolan: Serval

Osiris: Bengal Tiger

Saliko: Leopard-Cheetah Hybrid

Sebastian: Cave Hyena

Stubby: Lynx

Stubby Jr: Tiger

Tarir: Lion

Zaychik: Snow Leopard

New/Old members:
Feel free to post if you are not listed in here; an elite will gladly add you.
This will be updated once a week or once every other week (but most likely every week).
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Members and their Species

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