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 Ranks FAQ

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PostSubject: Ranks FAQ   Ranks FAQ EmptySun Oct 27, 2013 12:02 pm

How do ranks work here on ASP?
Here on ASP, ranks are earned for the most part, while the lead rank title requires activity and persistence. Ranks are determined by what you believe your character would do best at. Once you've decided, update your profile for the "Rank Wanted" portion, and when you are deemed active enough, you will be promoted. Lead ranks are earned by doing your rank in the roleplay and being active (must be in the rank for a decent amount of time to be chosen as lead), and the Elites (Kiazolo and Zaka ranks) will notice!
The ranks are as follows:
Kiazolo - Kali
Lead Zaka - Chosen from Zaka rank
Zaka - Chosen based on applications
Lead Ugarsi - Chosen from Ugarsi rank
Ugarsi - Hunters
Lead Gaunza - Chosen from Gaunza rank
Gaunza - Warriors/fighters
Lead Tafuria - Chosen from Tafuria rank
Tafuria - Explorers/patrollers
Lead Qwazi - Chosen from Qwazi rank
Qwazi - Healers
Maja - May join as a Maja if felid is under 2 years; the cubs of the pride
Kutanga - Put under this rank once you join; if you're active then you'll be moved up
Guest - Not a rank, but if you have not posted an application in the Visitor Center you will be in this usergroup

What do all the ranks do?
The ranks are broken down into one lead rank with the others as a normal member of the rank.

I'm a Kutanga, what do I do now?
It's simple, as a Kutanga you have to read through all the rules and get yourself familiarized with ASP. Once you feel you know enough about ASP, you may be promoted to a rank of your choice.

What happens if I become a rank, and want a higher rank?
If you'd like another rank whether higher or lower than your current one, simply put what you want to be in your "Rank Wanted" on your profile. When an Elite sees it and feels you deserve a rank change, you will be given your wanted rank. Please note that putting "Zaka" down will not get you that rank, as those ranks are chosen via applications.

I want to change characters, how does this affect my rank?
To change characters you must be at least level 3. When you change characters, you will be moved down to Kutanga once more but your level will stay the same.

How do I request a rank?
Simply put what rank you want in your "Rank Wanted" area on your profile. If you PM an Elite with your request, you will automatically be turned down and not receive the rank you want immediately.

If any more questions arise, I'll be sure to add them on here. You're welcome to ask an Elite if you have further questions regarding ranks. We hope this is an easy to follow system that allows more freedom for the user and gives you a chance to specialize in what you wish to do!
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Ranks FAQ

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